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Oral Cancer Screenings
Lake Oswego, OR

A man holding his mouth in pain in need of an oral cancer screening at Nicholas Dose, DMD in Lake Oswego, ORYour mouth is a part of your oral cavity, which also includes the gums, cheek lining, lips, tongue, hard palate, floor of the mouth, and these areas are at risk of developing oral cancer. Since we will have a front seat view of these structures, it only makes sense that we provide oral cancer screenings in order to thoroughly inspect your mouth and to look for signs of a problem. By scheduling regular appointments with us, you’ll increase the likelihood that any suspicious changes of your oral tissues will be identified early so that you can start treatment as soon as possible.

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

The ultimate goal of an oral cancer screening is to detect cancerous or precancerous lesions at the early stages when they are most likely to be cured. People that are at a high risk of developing oral cancer will be the most likely to benefit from these screenings, and factors that may increase your oral cancer risk include:
•  Heavy alcohol consumption
•  Tobacco use of any type, including chewing tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and pipes
•  A history of previous oral cancer diagnoses
•  A history of significant sun damage to your face, which increases your risk of developing lip cancer

Symptoms of Oral Cancers

In many cases, you may have some of the symptoms of oral cancer, but don’t even know it. We will actually be your first line of defense in identifying these potential symptoms:
•  Sores that do not seem to heal or bleed easily
•  Hoarseness or chronic sore throats
•  A hard or thick lump or spot on the gums or mouth
•  A persistent feeling that something is caught in the back of your throat
•  Crusted over or roughened areas
•  Tenderness, pain, and numbness
•  Changes in the way that your teeth align when you bite

If you find that you are having problems with chewing, speaking, swallowing, or moving your jaw or tongue, be sure to let us know right away.

What to Expect During Your Oral Cancer Screening

Unlike other dental procedures, an oral cancer screening won’t require any special type of preparation. Typically, these screenings are performed within your routine dental appointment, so as long as you are scheduling dental cleanings and exams every six months, you can feel confident that your mouth is being inspected frequently to look for signs of a potential problem.

When we perform an oral cancer screening, we’ll be looking at the inside of your mouth to check for discolored patches or mouth sores. We use gloved hands to manipulate and feel the tissues of your mouth in order to look for abnormalities like lumps. If you wear removable dentures, we will want them taken out so that we can completely inspect the tissue underneath.

At Nicholas Dose, DMD, if we are concerned about an area in your mouth, other tests may be suggested in order to get a more definitive idea about what is going on. If oral cancer is suspected or confirmed, our staff will be able to treat these issues in-house. Give us a call today at (503) 765-7300 to schedule your screening.
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