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Dental Bridge With Implants
Lake Oswego, OR

Rendering of a dental bridge with implants from Nicholas Dose, DMD in Lake Oswego, ORAt Nicholas Dose, DMD, our goal is to give you the highest quality expertise and options when it comes to you and your children’s health. Every day we help people to treat tooth injuries, jaw realignment concerns, and other oral hygiene needs. Sometimes accidents happen that cause you to lose a few teeth or that widen pre existing gaps in your mouth. When such scenarios occur where more than one tooth is lost, we recommend considering the use of a bridge with dental implants.

What Is A Bridge With Dental Implants?

A dental bridge is a fixed device that we put in your mouth to help fill gaps caused by missing teeth. It stays in your mouth by using neighboring teeth as support for a dental crown. What makes a bridge with dental implants different from this is that, instead of using your teeth for support, the dental implants use your jawbone as the solid platform from which to place the bridge. We then connect the dental crowns through the implants to form a single piece, or bridge. Because bridges with dental implants are so stable, they can be used for more than one missing tooth and can help to address multiple neighboring gaps in your mouth if you need to.

Why Is A Bridge With Dental Implants The Best Choice For Me?

What makes a bridge with dental implants so effective is that, if you have any concern that there might be too much pressure on your new replacement teeth, the dental implant supported bridge spreads any tension across the entire tool instead of upon on one implant that might otherwise struggle to do so.

If you have a history of clenching or grinding your teeth, this can make a bridge with dental implants an excellent choice. Also worth noting is that, while a traditional bridge may seem like an easier and less invasive procedure, they are known to cause unwanted damage on those teeth that are used to hold the bridge in place. A bridge with dental implants causes no such wear and tear, and using your jawbone as the foundation makes the bridge solid and immovable.

What Does The Bridge With Dental Implant Surgery Look Like?

After we have helped you to determine that a bridge with dental implants is the right choice for your needs, we will discuss with you a treatment plan that typically involves two surgical procedures. The first surgery will focus on placing the implants in your mouth and, to do this, we remove a tiny chunk of your jawbone to make a space for them to go into.

Once this is completed, we will wait for a few months to permit your body to heal itself naturally. After it has done so, the second surgery will involve placing the bridge on top of the dental implants that can now hold it safely and firmly in place. This new bridge supported by dental implants should feel secure, comfortable, and allow you to chew food normally, and we will keep an eye on it with you to guarantee that it continues to work in your favor.

If you think that a bridge with dental implants might be right for you and you would like to learn more, call us today at (503) 765-7300.

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Dental Bridge With Implants | Nicholas Dose, DMD | Lake Oswego, OR
When more than one tooth is lost, our team at Nicholas Dose, DMD may recommend considering the use of a bridge with dental implants. Click here to learn more!
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