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Why Your Entire Mouth Hurts When Only a Single Tooth Is the Problem

Posted on 11/10/2018 by Nicholas Dose
Why Your Entire Mouth Hurts When Only a Single Tooth Is the ProblemWhen you have a toothache, your entire mouth can hurt, even if the problem is with a single tooth. Anytime you have pain in one tooth; you should give us a call, so we can examine you and start treatment as soon as possible, if needed.

Why Your Mouth Hurst When One Tooth is Affected

The brain can register the most minute kind of pain, and these messages can get confused at times. When you have a toothache, sometimes it's difficult to identify which tooth is the problem. All you know is that it hurts, and you want to do something to fix the problem.

A tooth abscess or an infection caused by a pocket of pus can be extremely painful and make your entire mouth hurt, mainly when it is located close to the nerve center of the tooth. If you are having intense, sudden pain, you should call us right away. A tooth abscess is an emergency that needs to be treated as soon as possible as it can have life-threatening complications.

Any other infection in the mouth, even those that are more superficial which affect only one tooth, can cause the entire mouth to hurt. A sinus infection can also cause intense tooth pain, especially in the upper back teeth and can make other areas feel pain as well. The pressure from the congestion will push down on the tooth's nerve and cause pain.

It is always a good idea to check with us whenever you have a toothache, so we can determine if it's affecting a tooth or it is due to something else. If we can treat you and relieve your pain, you will be feeling as good as new in no time. Please give us a call as soon as possible if you have throbbing pain and especially if a fever is present.

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